The Parable of the Pipeline

The Parable of the pipeline, a delightful and easy story of Pablo and Bruno – 2 young and hardworking men who aspire for a better life. We hear a lot about job security these days.

But the simple fact is, if you have a job, you have no real security. Today, with Covid uncertainty, industries goes down in the blink of an eye. The hot favorite aviation, tourism & hospitality, events industries all collapsed as Covid death tolls and hospitalisation numbers climbed. Job security is out.

Lean and mean is in. Thousands and millions of workers retrenched overnight and downsizing means the next job could be yours! So how do you create true security for yourself and your family in a hired-today-and-fired-tomorrow workplace?

The answer: Create your own security by building pipelines of residual income. In the parable of the pipeline, Burke Hedges explains how virtually anyone can leverage their time, knowledge and money to become a millionaire.

The parable of the pipeline covers why job security is an illusion. And why pipelines of residual income provide the only true security. Why pipelines are the secret behind every million-dollar fortune. Why one pipeline is worth a thousand paychecks. How to build a million-dollar pipeline on less than 2 dollar a day!

How average people without a lot of money can leverage their time and relationships to create the ultimate pipeline. How to start living your dreams today by building a 5-year lifestyle pipeline, while planning for the future by building a 50-year retirement pipeline. Sounds a bit weird and scammy like a multi-level-marketing? Don’t worry, though a lot of people out there uses video similar to this to attract their potential downline, it is not the case here.

parable of pipeline 2022

The passive income in terms of “pipeline” is value investing! The power of compounding interests is the eighth wonder of the world and you don’t have to be rich to start today! Learn insider secrets that take you from struggling to financially secure.

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The Parable of the Pipeline
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